Lipomassage for reduction of fat deposits and cellulite

Lipomassage for reduction of  fat deposits and cellulite

Lipomassage with Eximia is a combination of two patented technologies for professional treatment of body imperfections – Cavitational Ultraporation and Endolift. These are well known and highly efficient techniques, which when applied together, work uncompromisingly against local fat deposits, cellulite and skin sagging.

Price of treatment:

Depends on the zones and could vary from 750 CZK to 2 000 CZK – 15 to 40 min.

Lipomassage is the ideal solution to reducing fat, improving oxygenation, taking off excess centimeters, abolishing cellulite, modeling firming up, toning up and rejuvenating.

Also effective as a post surgical liposuction rehabilitation.

The result is impressive:

body contours are tightened, skin is elastic and smooth, stubborn cellulite and fat deposits on legs, hips, and arms are destroyed.

The especially designed programs for face improve skin tone and tighten the contour of cheeks and chin as well as of the whole face.

In contrast to LPG technology which relies only on the vacuum massage, the patented system EXIMIA further affects the fat cells with low frequency ultrasound and electrical pulses. The procedure is safe and is done on the body without a protective suit, because acts according the individually selected program (from 22) and does not cause vascular injury.


Endolift is four-phase vacuum massage with change of positive and negative pressure. Such active effect improves the lymphatic drainage and microcirculation, accelerates the removal of the cleavage products of the broken adipocytes and improves the elastic properties of the skin.

Cavitational ultraporation

Cavitational ultraporation effects strongly on cells from subcutaneous fatty tissue, using ultrasound and electrical impulses. Due to the effect of ultrasonic waves with a low frequency occurs destruction of fat vacuoles and leakage of their contents into the extracellular space. The electrical pulse further potentiates the action of ultrasound, by increasing the sensitivity of cells to it through the opening of the pores in the cell membranes.

The duration of one treatment:

depends on the zones and could vary from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

6 to 10 procedures 3 times a week are recommended for maximal


The excellent results are long lasting. Procedures to maintain the results are needed according to skin age and condition.

It is possible to combine it with different treatments:

Get rid of fat and cellulite with procedure, that is better than relaxing massage.

Loss of 12 cm after 4 weeks.

Fat removal under bra, client after 3 treatments.